Huntington's Society Fund Raiser Wawota Sask - May 10

Mandolin Orchestra Concert - Huntington's Society fund raiser Wawota Sask. - Saskatchewan Tartan

scheduled May 10, 2008 from 12:30 00 to 23:00 00

1 PM Bus Departs Regina

4 PM Bus Arrives Wawota

5 PM Performance -details to follow

8 PM Bus Departs Wawota

11 PM Bus Arrives Regina

Huntington’s Society of Canada

Carlyle Observer

World Spectator

Flying Wedge (The) (Kate Dolby/Walter Jacobs-1916, Arr. Hubich 2006)

Love Letters in the Sand (N. & C. Kenny, J.F. Coots, Arr. Hubich 2007)

Third Man Theme (The) (Anton Karas, Arr. Hubich 2007)

O'Hagen (K.M. Hegan 2007, Arr. Hubich 2007)

Strauss Waltzes (J. Strauss, Arr. Hubich 2005)

Frolic of the Kazoos (Jas H. Johnstone, Arr. Hubich 2007)

Curly Hair, The Ace of Diamonds (Scandinavian trad., Arr. Wood 2007)

Hills of Manchuria - Waltz (A. Shatrov 1905, Arr. McLaughlin 2007)

Black Fly Song (The) (Wade Hemsworth, Arr. Hubich 2008) with Log Drivers Waltz (Wade Hemsworth, Arr. Hubich - 2006)

Serenade a Pierrette (C. Munier, Arr. McLaughlin 2006) or Blackbird (Hubich 2004)

Red Wing/Down Yonder (Arr G. Robertson 1996)

Never on Sunday (Manos Hadjidakis, Arr Hubich 2007)

Winding Stream (The) (A. P. Carter, Arr. Hubich - 2000)

Additional (Reserve)

Westfalia Waltz (Hubich 2004)

Spanish Harlem (J. Leiber & P. Spector, Arr. Hubich 2007)

Calypso (Don Andres) (Arr. McLaughlin 2007)

Deka Pallikaria - Greek March (Arr. Robertson 1989)

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