Bushwakker Brewing Co Ltd - Aug 26

Mandolin Orchestra - Bushwakker Brewing Co Ltd - 2206 Dewdney Ave - Golf Shirt**

scheduled August 26, 2009 from 19:00 00 to 22:00 00

 **Black Pants, Socks, Shoes.

Orchestra please note that you may want to bring not only your stand, or arrange to share one (due to space concerns) but also bring a light source, as the stage area is going to be crowded and dark.  Be flexible in order to change the set list if necessary.  The order will stand, but may exclude numbers depending on time.  There will be approximately 25 minutes in between sets so you can grab a beverage.

Set One

All Around the Circle  (Arr. Robertson 2000)

Gentle Maiden (Arr. Hubich 2004)

O'Hagen (K.M. Hegan 2007, Arr. Hubich 2007)

Liber Tango  (Astor Piazolla, Arr M. Wood 2006 Adapt McLaughlin 2008)

As the Mist Rolled In (Arr. Gary Robertson 2008)

Spanish Harlem (J. Leiber & P. Spector, Arr. Hubich 2007)

Love Letters in the Sand (N. & C. Kenny, J.F. Coots, Arr. Hubich 2007)

Westfalia Waltz (Hubich 2004)

When You Wish Upon A Star (Arr. Hubich - 2009)

Curly Hair, The Ace of Diamonds (Scandinavian trad., Arr. Wood 2007)

When I’m Sixty Four (Arr. McLaughlin 2008)

Margaret's Waltz (Pat Shaw 1959 Arr. Hubich 2003)

Log Drivers Waltz (Wade Hemsworth, Arr. Hubich - 2006) with Black Fly Song (The) (Wade Hemsworth, Arr. Hubich 2008)

The Flying Wedge (Kate Dolby/Walter Jacobs-1916, Arr. Hubich 2006)

Caddam Wood (Arr Hubich 2004 rev 2005)

Set Two

Blackbird (Hubich 2000)

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Gunsmoke, Bonanza (Arr Hubich 2008)

Ashokan Farewell (Arr. Robertson 1996)

Planxty Fanny Powers (Arr. Robertson 1991)

The Third Man Theme (Anton Karas, Arr. Hubich 2007)

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Arr. Hubich 2008)

The Water is Wide (Arr. Hubich 2006 Adapted 2008)

Under the Double Eagle (Unter dem Doppeladler- J Wagner Arr Hubich 2007)

Strauss Waltzes (J. Strauss, Arr. Hubich 2005)

Beer Barrel Polka (Arr. Hubich 2004)

Never on Sunday (Manos Hadjidakis, Arr Hubich 2007)

Schneewalzer (Arr. Hubich 2001)

White Cliffs of Dover (Arr. Hubich)

Medley of Reels (Arr. Hubich 2008)

The Winding Stream (A. P. Carter, Arr. Hubich - 2000)

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