Heritage Community Association - Sep 25

Mandolin Orchestra Concert - Heritage Community Association - #100 - 1654 11th Ave Regina - Black Performance Shirt**

scheduled September 25, 2010 from 11:00 00 to 12:00 00


Outside, weather permitting.  It will be located outside between 11th and Halifax at the park.  You will need to bring your music, and your stand and also something to keep the wind from blowing it all over the place.  With the kind of weather we're having, its really hard to see us outside.  Keep your fingers crossed.    In the event of bad weather we will be playing at the Core Ritchie Centre, 445 14th Ave.  To check ahead about weather, you can phone Marci at 757-9952 to enquire or ask any further questions.

 **Black Pants, Socks, Shoes.

Love Will Ye Marry Me?

Irish Medley 

Flying Wedge

Hopak Festival

Spanish Harlem

Twelveth Street Rag

Never On Sunday

Medley of Reels

Caddam Wood

Celtic Circle

Planxty Hewlett

Tribute to Johnny Cash

Kerry Polkas

Beer Barrel Polka

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