Mary Davies Memorial - Sep 11

Mandolin Orchestra Concert - Mary Davies Memorial - Mae Wilson Theatre, Moose Jaw - Black Performance Shirt**

scheduled September 11, 2010 from 13:00 00 to 14:00 00

 **Black Pants, Socks, Shoes.

If you have a small Canadian flag (like the ones on cars) to fly from your music stand bring it along.

Celtic Circle (Arr. Robertson 1996)

Love Will Ye Marry Me (Arr. Hubich 2009)

Never on Sunday (Manos Hadjidakis, Arr Hubich 2007)

Flying Wedge (The) (Kate Dolby/Walter Jacobs-1916, Arr. Hubich 2006)

12th Street Rag (E. Bowman, Arr. McLaughlin & Tacik 2006)

Hopak Festival (Arr. Robertson 1991)

Planxty Beth (Arr. Robertson 1989)

White Cliffs of Dover (Arr. Hubich)

Caddam Wood (Arr Hubich 2004 rev 2005)

Frobisher Bay (Arr. Hubich 2004)

Kerry Polkas (Arr. Robertson 1991)

Medley of Reels (Arr. Hubich 2008)

In the Mood (Glenn Miller Arr. Hubich 2009)

Tribute to Johnny Cash (Arr. Hubich 2009)

Long Long Trail, Til We Meet Again (Arr. Robertson)

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